The Cancer CARE Centre proposed for development by the Mercy University Hospital Cork Foundation, is a project which has been an objective of this charity for many years. At the very core of this objective is the desire to create a place where those who have just been diagnosed with cancer, those whose are undergoing treatment and those who are in remission may find support, information and some solace.

The siting of this facility is key to the successful realisation of this ambition, where a service user would be within a five-minute walk from an initial diagnosis to the centre. This proximity to the Mercy University Hospital on Grenville Place and to the Mercy University Hospital Consulting Rooms/Support Services and the hospital’s Outpatient’s Department, located on Lynch’s Street, which is directly across the road from the proposed new centre, is critical to the main aspirations of the project. One of these main aspirations is that a person who may have just received a traumatic diagnosis can immediately walk to a place of refuge, where they can be supported in assimilating potentially life changing news.

The requirements of the brief include a reception area, the Mercy Foundation offices and a range of support spaces which include, a social space, multi-purpose room, individual and family counselling rooms and a reading/quiet space.