No. 9 Dyke Parade | Cork City

The proposed conservation, restoration and adaptation of a Late Georgian terrace townhouse and associated historic site at No.9 Dyke Parade, Cork City, to accommodate a Cancer CARE Centre and associated offices, and a range of support spaces, which include, a social space, multi-purpose room, counselling rooms and a quiet space. The Cancer CARE  Centre proposed for development by the Mercy University Hospital Cork Foundation, is a project which has been an objective of this charity for many years.  At the very core of this objective is the desire to create a place where those who have been diagnosed with cancer, those who are undergoing treatment and those who are in remission may find support, information and some solace.  The building is a protected structure which includes the curtilage of its site and the rear mews which was the original stables and coach house to the main house. Sensitive opening-up works were completed to determine the existing building fabric and its condition. A detailed historic building appraisal survey & report was completed to inform the new proposals and interventions which were proposed as part of the completed Stage 1 Initial Sketch Design which was submitted as part of the pre-planning consultation documentation to the Planning Department and Conservation Officer in Cork City Council.