Farm Outbuilding Restoration | Co. Clare

Restoration and traditional repair works to historic outbuildings, North Clare, under the GLAS Traditional Farm Buildings Scheme (TFBS) by the Heritage Council. The farm buildings being restored once formed part of an original 19th Century farm house, dating from the late 1800’s and which are evident on the 25″ historical ordnance survey maps. This original single storey vernacular farmhouse now stands mostly in ruins with the exception of the two western bedrooms which were converted into agricultural use in the 1950’s, having a lean-to corrugated iron roof secured with traditional cast in-situ concrete barges. The stonework to the eaves of the original farmhouse and an original window opening are still evident, defined by a stone sill and lintel. The adjacent outbuilding which was restored was an original cowhouse still is use today as a calving house. The main works completed was the replacement of the extensively corroded corrugated iron roof and new cast in-situ barges. The existing roof timbers were carefully retained and essential repairs were limited to the minimal works and splicing of two decayed purlin ends.  Repairs were completed to existing timber doors, windows and shutters.