Historic Building Appraisal | Sallins

Helen Devitt Architects Ltd were appointed as conservation consultants as part of the appointed design team for the Sallins Townpark Amenity Lands, for Kildare County Council. An Historic Building Appraisal was required to be completed for the existing historic stone ruins to the north-east of the site to form part of the site analysis and inform the landscaping and architectural proposals prepared by Cathal O’Meara Landscape Architects and Kane Architects Ltd respectively. Cartographic analysis and historical research concluded these historic ruins date circa between 1829 and 1845 and are evident on the first edition of the historical ordnance survey maps. They comprise of the ruins of a once fine formal farmyard settlement, which was once part of the rich diversity of the historic farmyard settlements throughout Co. Kildare. These ruins are examples of the exemplary work of the stone masons and builders of that period and showcase their use of local materials such as stone and brickwork. Although much of the original structures have been lost, the scale and extent of the rear ‘working’ farmyard is still evident today, within the remaining ruins of outbuildings and the enclosing courtyard walls.